Former San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick
initiated a controversial movement
when refused to stand
during the pre-game national anthem during the 2016 football
season. The tenacity he demonstrated by risking his career to
take a stand against police brutality was condemned by
some but hailed by many.

But on Sunday, NFL Today
revealed the 29-year-old was willing to put his cause on the
for a chance to get back on the field. Many
believe Kaerpernick’s unemployment was the league’s way of
blackballing him for his protest.

There was no video of sports writer Jason La
Canfora’s conversation with Kaepernick. But he claimed
the free agent said he would stand during the anthem
signed again when he spoke with the former quarterback,
girlfriend Nessa Diab and his trainer on Saturday night. But
it’s not even clear whether Kaepernick, who hasn’t been doing
interviews with press, actually held a sit-down with the
reporter. Check out La Canfora’s report on NFL Today

The journalist later
backtracked on his comments
on Twitter, which Kaepernick
retweeted in an apparent refutation of the claims. His
tweets revealed he never even asked Kaepernick about any
future decisions regarding the national anthem.