Oprah Winfrey/Facebook

Oprah Winfrey reveals the secret to always seeing the glass
halfway full.

This week, the
media mogul
sat down with ET, where she gushed about her
latest business venture, a food line called O, That’s Good!.
During the chat, the former talk show host provided a little
insight into how she manages so much and staying stress free,
amid it all.

“The reason why you’re always stressed is because you want this
moment to be something that it’s not,” she said. “You just stop
and you accept this moment for what it is. Just breathe right
into that moment and it takes the anxiety and the pressure away
of wanting this moment to be something it’s not. Just this
moment, one moment at a time.”

“It is a process. It is not just one thing,” the 63-year-old
explained. “You don’t wake up one morning and you suddenly have
it all together, but you are paying attention to your life.”

As for her
latest business venture
, Winfrey dished on the special
relationship she has with food. “I love comfort food with a
twist, that’s why I’ve been dreaming up ways to make things
more nutritious,” she said. “When people come into my house and
I would serve cauliflower and potatoes, they would say, ‘I
can’t believe this is really cauliflower.’ And so I thought,
OK, let’s see if that works.”

According to Winfrey, her O, That’s Good! line isn’t the first
time she’s been approached to create food products. “It started
out with somebody wanting me to do a car line, a cooking line,
a perfume line, a makeup line, a sofa line, a furniture line —
the whole thing,” she shared. “But I like to do things that
feel like their coming from a space of authenticity… and this
just came out of nature love of good food, nutritious food. And
I love gardening.”

Naturally, part of that “authenticity,” includes paying it
forward, helping those in need of nutritious food in their
homes and communities. “I believe that anything that you are
doing, you have to think about what is your opportunity to also
give back,” said Winfrey. “We are giving back to people who
need food, to food organizations and charities that serve
people who are hungry and who are in need of food.”

“In some communities, it’s very hard to get vegetables, and
vegetables are really expensive,” she added.

You go, girl.