In a touching display of solidarity, Flint, Michigan mayor
Karen Weaver
wrote a letter to San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz

The letter came just one day after President Donald Trump’s
cringe-worthy visit to Puerto Rico on Tuesday. Trump’s short
trip to the island that’s still suffering the consequences of
Hurricane Maria was characterized by repeated instances
of callous words and offensive behavior.

Trump’s visit came nearly two weeks after the hurricane
devastated the island. During the short venture, he told Puerto
Ricans that their crisis was “throwing” the U.S. budget
of whack
” despite the federal government’s limited
response to the natural disaster. The president threw
rolls of paper towels at hurricane victims
shelter in a San Juan chapel.

The president also engaged
in a series of tweets
 prior to the trip where he
defended the federal government’s lackadaisical response to the
natural disaster and condemned Mayor Cruz for what he
perceived to be an attack on his leadership. In one of those
tweets, he remarked Puerto Ricans “want
everything done for them

Along with innumerable others, Mayor Weaver was disgusted by
the president’s treatment of devastated Puerto Rican citizens.
She began her letter with a declaration of unity.

“The people of Flint stand side-by-side with you and we commend
you,” the Flint mayor wrote.

“President Trump’s phrase, ‘They want everything to be done for
them,’ broke my heart, and the hearts of many Americans,” the
mayor continued. “Unfortunately, his visit to Puerto Rico, this
week, did not assure me of healing and I was hoping for healing
and instead his comparisons and complaints gauged deeper

Weaver’s community has been undergoing its own humanitarian
crisis for the past three years after lead
was discovered in their drinking water
. Flint
residents continue to suffer from a dearth of clean H2O.
Among other shortages Puerto Rico has been suffering, they too
lack safe drinking water.

“This is why I feel a special sisterhood, and connection to
your concern for your community, and your desperate plea for
action,” Weaver said to Cruz. “We cannot sit idly back and
allow more people to become infected with disease and
illnesses. We cannot allow the slow walking of aid, and the
tying of victims’ hands with bureaucracy. It is fair for us
to demand clear answers.”

“I am utterly disappointed and outraged by the lack of active
engagement and support from this administration during
the recent visit,” she wrote. “Flint, Michigan stands with
the people of Puerto Rico as you fight through your urgent
water crisis.”