Gerald Brown (photo provided)

Gerald “G-FIT” Brown has been a Certified Sport Specific
Trainer for over three decades. He was trained in fitness in
the United States Navy and obtained an ACE and AFFA
certification in Sports Nutrition and Sports Rehabilitation and
he also earned an Associate of Applied Science degree in
Orthopedic Technology specializing in post-surgical and
rehabilitative training. He was selected to be the group
fitness instructor for the U.S. Navy’s bodybuilding and
aerobics team. Under his coaching, he and two of his team
members competed in a bodybuilding competition and placed among
the top four winners.

He shares, “I was an orthopedic tech for 20-plus years.”

Brown was inspired to work in the world of fitness and wellness
after witnessing his “parents suffer with multiple health
conditions such as hypertension,
and finding my dad on the kitchen floor from an
aneurysm. This made me want to live a healthier life and help
others do the same and be free of these types of diseases.”

He’s had the privilege of training players and celebrities such
as Marco Coleman (13-year NFL veteran) and his wife; Marvin
Williams (Atlanta
); David Justice (Atlanta Braves); R&B groups A
Few Good Men and Shades of Lingo, and various LaFace Records
artists while in Atlanta.

Brown relocated to
, Alabama, and soon after opened Body Exclusive
Fitness and has been steadily growing his client base ever

Gerald Brown (photo provided)

Read what else he had to say.

What can someone expect to experience by becoming a

Clients can expect to experience intense customized G-FIT-style
training in a hyped family atmosphere.

What does success look like to you?
Success to me is living in your true purpose and passion and
serving others while doing so. When past clients circle back to
let me know they are still living a healthy lifestyle.

What advice would you give someone seeking to work in
fitness and wellness?

First, you need to have a passion for it; second, find a mentor
in the business and ask the how, what, when and why, and
lastly, learn anatomy and physiology through a certified source
like ACE.

How did your fitness and wellness lifestyle help with
the recovery of having prostate cancer?

[My] fitness and wellness lifestyle that consisted of a
vegetarian diet and a strict daily workout regimen prepared me
both mentally and physically to go through 26 weeks of
radiation. It helped me to have my body in a high alkaline
state to destroy cancer cells. The physical component helped me
fight off the fatigue that radiation can sometimes cause.

Where would you like to see your career in the next
five years?

In the next five years, I would love to be traveling the
country exposing people to a fun atmosphere to obtain a
healthier lifestyle, launching the Body Exclusive brand into TV
via a cooking show with my daughter and continuing to live a
life fulfilling my God-given passion.

Body Exclusive Fitness is a private personal training
studio and offers a variety of services such as personal
training, group training, weight-loss, injury prevention and
nutritional meal planning located at 266 Gadsden Highway in
Birmingham, Alabama 35253.