Brandon Terrell (photo provided)

Treehab’s Brandon Terrell talks entrepreneurship and where he
got the vision for his startup.

What inspired you to become an

Entrepreneurship has always been intriguing to me. Founding a
company and solving important problems is a goal I’ve always
sought to achieve but never knew where to start. In 2014, I was
[dismissed] from my corporate job. I saw that as an opportunity
to step out on faith and pursue my true purpose in life, which
I’m still trying to discover my true inspiration is to pay it
forward to other entrepreneurs by helping them overcome some of
the earlier challenges I’ve faced in business. My goal is to
not only build great companies but to build great companies
people want to work for.

Tell us about your business and its

Treehab is a healthcare technology startup, built to support
cannabis patients by providing safe access to trusted
physicians, regulated services, and premium cannabis lifestyle
products. Our mission is to make cannabis accessible for
everyone who needs it. Our network delivers transparency across
all parties through the use of advanced communications tools,
process automation, and real-time analytics.

What are the real opportunities for African Americans
in the cannabis industry?

The legal
industry is projected to reach $30B in revenue by
2021 and more than half of the U.S. have legalized cannabis in
some form. African Americans are responsible for over a
trillion dollars in net spending across all consumer segments
and have a huge opportunity to shape the future of this
industry. It starts by understanding the law and advocating for
reform in the legislation. Entrepreneurs with diverse
backgrounds and a wide range of skill sets are required lead
the innovation that will support the cannabis ecosystem for
years to come.

What are the benefits of using cannabis?
Hundreds of millions of Americans suffer from diseases and
opioid addictions which have been proven to be alleviated by
cannabis use. Cannabis is a safer alternative to harsher
prescription drugs and to support this claim, there are roughly
22K published studies on the health benefits of cannabis and
this research will continue. The trend here is that cannabis is
now being treated as a medicine with specific benefits and
applications to specific diseases. It’s best to consult with a
physician before using cannabis and if you have trouble finding
information or physicians, you can always visit the Treehab

What has been the most difficult aspect of being an

Time is of the essence when founding a
and most people categorize entrepreneurship as
jumping off a cliff and assembling an airplane on the way down.
But imagine jumping off that cliff and not having any of the
equipment you need to assemble the airplane, meanwhile the
ground is coming. It forces you to be creative in ways you
never thought were possible.

How do you advertise and market your

To advertise and market our business, Treehab is currently
working with a number of brand partners to exclusively
distribute their products and services through our network. In
turn, we gain exposure to a broader scope of users.

What advice would you give someone interested in
becoming an entrepreneur?

My advice to anyone interested in entrepreneurship would be to
fail fast. Embrace failure early on as a part of the journey.
Become comfortable [with] being uncomfortable. There will be
several roadblocks and many of the most successful business
innovations have come from a place of desolation. Become a
domain expert and research successful entrepreneurs and their
stories. Lastly, stand behind your idea, build a great product
that people will love, assemble a strong team, and execute.

Where do you see your business in the next five

In the next five years, I see Treehab continuing to expand its
market share as one of the leading communities of interest for
cannabis consumers and through our recent addition of
subscription services, we are in a position to dominate the
demand side of the cannabis market. As cannabis prohibition
ends across the U.S., our goal is to expand into brick and
mortar retail locations and provide entrepreneurs with
franchise opportunities.

Tell us about your education and training.
I graduated from Alabama Agricultural & Mechanical
University in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. Post
college, I worked in corporate America for five years where I
acquired a wealth of knowledge in lead generation and customer
relationship management. Following my exit from the corporate
arena, I was accepted to City Start Up Labs where I
participated in a 15-week
program for entrepreneurs to scale their
business ideas.