Mwata Dyson (photo provided)

Mwata Dyson, M.D. started his career as an anesthesiologist.
After finishing his residency at the University of Illinois, he
worked a s a medical director in private practice for a decade
and as an assistant professor in an academic medical center. “I
started my exodus from seeing patients to studying health care
systems … after completing my Masters in Health Policy and
Management at Columbia University,” says Dyson. ” Since that
time I’ve worked as a management consultant, public speaker and
entrepreneur focusing my efforts on building sustainable,
healthy habits and designing strategies that improve quality of

Here Dyson shares why he established NutriLounge, why healthy
habits matter and the effects stress
and personalized care have on the mind and body.

What soured you to
practicing medicine?

As I began to study health care systems, I became frustrated
with the poor job we were doing keeping people out of
hospitals. One of the most critical aspects of this failed
system was the medical community’s approach to disease
management. It just wasn’t driving the positive results I was
hoping to see. There was too much focus on managing diseases
with life long medications instead of engaging in discussions
and developing action plans to design a healthier life. It
wasn’t a recipe for success to me. I wanted to find a more
efficient and healthier option, so I focused my attention on
the role
, stress management, and personalized care had on
creating healthy living.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur with the

I’ve always been entrepreneurial. I owned businesses throughout
college, medical school and during my medical career. I started
NutriLounge because I wanted a healthcare destination
make-over. Doctors offices are often unfriendly, poorly
decorated and people feel rushed in and out. Our mission was to
create a destination that paralleled the ambiance of a luxury
hotel. We designed an experience that invigorates the senses
and accommodates socializing. So when you enter NurtiLounge you
feel the tranquility of a spa combined with the atmosphere of a
bar at happy hour, offering natural healing therapies where
clients can escape the stress of their everyday lives.

Give an example of the results of someone using your

We’ve had great success helping clients lose weight, boost
energy, and recover quickly from high-intensity workouts. One
client comes to mind that lost nine pounds, kicked her diet
soda addiction, sustained a high energy level at work without
daily caffeinated drinks, and experienced less pain and
soreness after tough workouts within the first month of working
with us. These types of stories fuel us to continue our work of
providing optimal cellular nutrition and meal plans that move
beyond just weight loss but also help to revitalize the mind
and body.

What is the biggest challenge educating people about
their health?

We haven’t had many challenges educating people on the
importance of nutrition. I think most people understand the
premise on eating healthy but what we add that’s unique is our
approach to help clients relieve toxins and revitalize the
cells. Our diagnostic micronutrient testing, IV therapies,
proprietary supplements, and meal plans are created to produce
fast short term gains and long lasting healthy habits.

Why is health care so expensive?
The are numerous factors that inflate the costs of health care
in the U.S. One of the factors readers can greatly influence is
preventable conditions and avoidable care. Obesity, for
example, accounts for over $200B a year in spending. The best
way to get the spending under control is to get to weight gain
under control. We hope to do just that. Engaging clients weekly
for three months gives us the opportunity to understand the
individual needs of each person and customize the best approach
to help them get results.

How can people find out more about the services at

You can learn more and make a reservation online with
NutriLounge at, call us direct at (888)
407-8883, and follow us on Instagram @nutrilounge_

Where do you see your business in the next five

In the next five years, we hope to have a significant impact on
empowering groups of people to sustain healthy habits in
neighborhoods, cities, and businesses. We plan on scaling this
social movement with our growing list of nutritional
supplements, workshops, lectures, demos, and nutritional