Greg Jones (courtesy)

Greg Jones is the owner and lead trainer at Elite Fitness Pros
based out of the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. Certified
through the National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM) and
International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), Jones
utilizes his profound fitness expertise and fun loving
personality to motivate his clients to healthier lifestyles.

In 2013, Jones was voted as one of the District’s Best Personal
Trainers by the Washington City Paper; an accolade
very few have achieved. His results yielding programs have
proven to be at the forefront of the fitness industry.

Through his experience working at the headquarters of both

and Under Armour, Jones has begun to infuse technology
into his top of the line fitness programs. This unique approach
allows for flexible scheduling and access to personalized
workouts, nutritional programs, and a readily available
certified personal trainer anywhere in the world through the
Elite Fitness Pros App. Jones developed and hand crafted this
application that can be accessed through any computer or
smartphone specifically with his clients in mind.

Being designated as the official trainer of the Miss United
States Intercontinental Pageant and football position coach at
Ron Brown College Preparatory High School are a few examples of
how Jones continuously shares his fitness knowledge in multiple
capacities. With a strong passion for health, fitness, and
overall well-being, Jones looks forward to helping others
successfully reach their fitness goals. Read what he has to

What is the mission of Elite Fitness Pros?
Our mission is to educate and motivate individuals through the
process of living healthier lives. We aim to provide high
quality programs and services that allow our clients to not
only reach their
goals but to exceed them and set new ones.

How have you maintained in such a competitive market
like fitness?

I am always learning and staying on top of the latest studies
and trends in fitness. Also, we’re expanding our reach by
creating our fitness app. But ultimately through our ability to
help our clients reach their goals.

Tell us about your app.
The Elite Fitness Pros app is a subscription-based fitness
application that provides guided online group training and
custom online personal training.

All group fitness programs are curated by our certified
personal trainers who serve as the facilitator of your program.
Our in app group message board connects you with other members
participating in the same online program, providing a sense of
community and accountability.

Online personal training is a uniquely customized program
geared solely toward reaching your goals. The training program
is created by your designated trainer based on your individual

How would you encourage others who are not inspired to
workout to get healthier and fit?

I would explain to them the importance of working out expands
beyond just looking good in the mirror. We are focusing on
doing our part to extend life and improve the quality of life.
Many of the diseases that come about — heart disease and
diabetes to name a few — can be prevented by adopting healthier
eating habits and participating in regular exercise.

Greg Jones (courtesy)

Tell us about the biggest success story of your

I consider it a success anytime I’m able to help someone
improve their life through fitness but my biggest success was
more of a mental transformation than a physical one.

I was working with a young lady who had been overweight for
most of her life and had recently been placed on high blood
pressure medication along with a few others. When she first
came to me for help, her self-confidence was low, she only saw
her limitations, and often spoke about what she could not do,
often times without trying.

Through consistent positive talk, celebrating small wins, and
always combating talks of limits with talk of possibilities, I
was able to retrain her brain to the point that she was often
ready to conquer the next challenge.

This mental transformation led to her losing over 70 pounds
that year and she no longer needed her medication.

What tips can you provide to someone who can’t go to
the gym?

I have a philosophy that the gym is everywhere. And, what I
mean by that is, you don’t have to have fancy machines or
equipment to get in a great workout. Bodyweight exercises can
be performed virtually anywhere, if you need to add some extra
weight resistance but don’t have weights, use gallon jugs of
water or knock out a few squats while holding your toddler.
There are also great options like our online fitness app that
provide great workouts you can perform [at] home with no need
for gym access.

What dietary advice can you share with us?
The biggest one would be to become knowledgeable about food.
Learn to read nutrition labels and learn how your body
processes carbs, proteins, and fats. I’m a big believer in the
things that get measured are the things that get managed. So
log your food and be aware of how many calories,
carbs, proteins and fats you are consuming. Apps like
MyFitnessPal and the Elite Fitness Pros are great for that.

A more specific tip is the reverse pyramid method. With this
method, you have your largest meal at breakfast, a medium size
meal at lunch and a small meal at dinner. “Eat breakfast like a
king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.”

What’s next for your career move?
I’m am looking to expand the reach of my current fitness
services and also continue to share my fitness knowledge
through TV, radio and press. My eventual goal will be to
publish my first book to not only aid in physical
transformations but also retraining the brain for success.