Dr. Karen Fields shares the importance of dental hygiene and being a role model

Photo credit: Jason McCoy

When beauty is the subject matter, most will correlate skin,
hair, and fashion with it. Nonetheless, one important aspect of
beauty is often overlooked; teeth. Dental hygiene is one of the
most important habits you should have, as it’s good for your
overall health, not just the beauty aspect.

Dentist and owner of 28 to Brush, Dr. Karen Fields has made it
her mission to teach this
vital routine
to children, so they won’t depart from it as
adults. Named one of
‘s 35 under 35 for making an impact in her
community, as well as taking home the America’s Best Dentist of
2016, Dr. Karen Fields’ work to promote human welfare is
spreading and the world is taking notice.

Rolling out spoke with Dr. Fields to explore the
importance of teaching dental hygiene to children and why
dentistry is her passion.

What made you go into dentistry?
I knew I wanted to help people since I was a little girl, hence
I decided to enter the healthcare profession. Upon arriving at
Spelman College, my health career advisor Dr. Barbara Bell was
instrumental in my decision to pursue dentistry. She mentioned
if I wanted to help people tremendously while maintaining a
healthy work-life balance, to consider dentistry. Turns out,
her husband was a dentist.  The art aspect of dentistry
was appealing; it is my craft and my passion.

What was the driving force for migrating to Chicago to
practice dentistry?

I wanted to go to an area where dentistry was taking off.
Chicago is that market. I am a native Detroiter, so it was
close to home.

You were a part of Chicago’s 35 under 35 list for
making an impact in the community. Why is community service so
important to you?

It is important because it allows little girls that look like
me to have an inspiration, just as I was inspired as a little
girl in Detroit.  Perfect example:  I volunteered at
Alex Haley Elementary School on the south side of Chicago,
which served as an inspiration for students to become Dentists.

How important is it to teach proper dental hygiene to

It is extremely important. Children gain adult teeth as early
as six years old. It is important to establish dental hygiene
habits and routines – brushing and flossing – very early.
Another segment of my business includes mobile dental service
for schools and community centers throughout Chicagoland. We
are prudent about teaching the importance of oral health.

What are some of the prevalent dental issues you see in
your clients that could be prevented with proper dental

Extractions, deep cleaning and root canals for most cases.
Brushing and flossing daily will prevent these issues.

How can our readers gain a beautiful white smile like
their favorite celebrities?  Are there any cost effective
procedures and techniques for the ones that lack

Over the counter whitening strips are effective.  However,
daily Dental care is critical for its effectiveness.  The
key part is taking care of your teeth is daily maintenance and
six-month recalls to your Dentist.

What’s one myth about dental hygiene and/or procedures
that you’d like to debunk?

That root canals are painful. I can say the majority of us
doctors will make sure things are comfortable andpain-freee.

For aspiring dentists, what is one piece of advice you
can give them?

Don’t give up. Utilize your resources and ensure to collaborate
with your colleagues.

You’re a professional, wife, mom, and community
activist. How do you manage to juggle all of this?

By the grace of God, with prayer and me time. Zumba is also
therapeutic (shouts out to Party with Edgar Zumba on the north
side of Chicago!).