For more than two decades, the Black Enterprise Golf &
Tennis Challenge has been the ultimate end-of-summer getaway
for top black executives, entrepreneurs, tastemakers, and
influencers across every industry, profession, and field of
endeavor. However, this year begins a new era for this unique
event, which has been reinvented as an
extraordinary celebration of the contributions,
excellence, and leadership of men of color: The Black Men XCEL


The excitement around the introduction of Black Men XCEL has
been building since the event was first announced at the 2017
Women of Power Summit in Phoenix, resulting in thunderous
applause from the nearly 1,000 top executives in attendance at
that event. Since then, the buzz has spread to social media,
with overwhelming consensus that an event uplifting and
celebrating black men is long overdue.

However, as with any inaugural event, that excitement and
interest also comes with questions about this
extraordinary celebration. Here are a few key
things to know about Black Men XCEL.

What’s Happened With The Golf & Tennis Challenge?


Everything you loved about the Golf & Tennis Challenge—from
the golf tournaments and luxurious spa experiences, to the Mars
vs. Venus Trivia Competition and Celebrity Chef Challenge, to
live comedy and musical performances (not to mention partying
with influencers, power players, and celebs)—you’ll still enjoy
at Black Men XCEL. The Black Men XCEL Summit is an extended,
festive, extraordinary celebration of black men, designed to be
both inspiring and empowering, as well as loads of fun.

What Is the Black Men XCEL Summit?


The Black Men XCEL Summit is a bold, festive, and exciting
multiday event developed to celebrate the many contributions
and achievements of today’s black men. The crown jewel of our
BMX Summit, The XCEL Awards: An Extraordinary
Celebration of Excellence and Leadership
, will recognize
iconic black men in every field of endeavor—from corporate
America and entrepreneurship, to the entertainment industry,
the education sector, and beyond. Attendees will enjoy
energizing and empowering sessions focused on solutions and
strategies to replicate success and opportunities for black
men, as well as live comedy and top-notch musical performances,
a star-powered awards dinner, luxury spa services, world-class
golf and much more—all designed to create the ultimate
inspiring, end-of-summer getaway experience.

Is There a Social Media Hash Tag For The Black Men XCEL Summit?


Yes. You can follow and join the buzz around Black Men XCEL by
checking for #BMXCEL on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other
social media platforms.

Is the Black Men XCEL Summit Just For Men? Are Women Invited?


Not only do we want women to attend the Black Men XCEL Summit,
we need you there to celebrate with us! After all,
you—our wives, mothers, sisters, girlfriends, daughters—are our
biggest champions; no one is prouder of our achievements or
more invested in our success. You provide us with both
motivation and inspiration. We need you to join us because you
believe in us and you want us to win! The Black Men XCEL Summit
is for black men, and for those who love us. How are we
supposed to have fun without you?

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With that in mind, there is plenty for you to enjoy, whether
you’re flying solo, hanging out with your best girlfriends, or
spending quality time with the special man in your life. From
luxurious spa amenities and great golf and tennis, to sessions
including Women Uncensored and live music and comedy, you’ll
have an amazing time!

How Is Black Men XCEL Related To Your BE Modern Man Campaign?


BE Modern
, launched in 2015, is about men we know and see every
day—in our families and neighborhoods, at work, in church or
from college—who are doing extraordinary things in the course
of their daily lives. The XCEL Awards celebrates the
extraordinary, iconic black men who have achieved transcendent

The tagline for BE Modern Man is “It’s Our Normal to Be
Extraordinary.” BE Modern Man is a year-round digital and
social media campaign of, designed to bring
to light the countless black men who are making valuable and
even heroic contributions to our families, communities, nation,
and the world in every field of endeavor, but who go virtually
unnoticed by mainstream media and popular culture.

While BE Modern Man is about the daily contributions of black
men, Black Men XCEL, and the XCEL Awards in particular, is the
ultimate celebration of black men who represent absolute
greatness and serve as the standard of excellence not just to
African Americans, but the world. Our inaugural
XCEL Award honorees
are who the BE Modern Man aspires to

E Modern Man and the Black Men XCEL Summit have a shared
mission: To challenge the prevailing narrative of mainstream
media and popular culture by showcasing black men more
accurately as significant contributors, solution providers, and
valued assets to the world. Despite the forces arrayed against
them, Black Men XCEL.

Learn more about Black Men XCEL at