Officer fired, officer suspended with pay, officer suspended with no pay, officer charged but receives no conviction, officer who murdered a young black man/boy returns to work.

This has been the story for so many African American families it seems unreal.

This past weekend yet another family has been traumatized by the unjustifiable murder of their unarmed 15-year-old son Jordan Edwards.

According to sources it was about 11 p.m. Saturday when Jordan left a house party after the police arrived, responding to alleged reports of underage drinking. The police gave the account that officers heard multiple gunshots coming from outside the residence, causing a uproar leading to a scene of teenagers fleeing. Jordan, his brother and three friends climbed into a car and began to leave.

Then Balch Springs, Texas ex-police officer Roy Oliver, as of today, aimed an AR 15 rifle into the car in which Jordan was a passenger and pulled the trigger striking the teen in the head and killing him.

The officer gave the account that he fired into the car because it was backing towards him but video footage shows otherwise by displaying the teens headed forward and leaving the area.

Tonight Roy Oliver has been fired and we are informed that Oliver’s actions were not aligned with the core values of the police force and its policies.

Jordan’s 16-year-old brother who was the driver of the vehicle witnessed first hand the murder of his little brother and their parents stated, “Not only have Jordan’s brothers lost their best friend; they witnessed firsthand his violent, senseless, murder,” the Edwards family said in a statement on Tuesday. “Their young lives will forever be altered.”

While Jordan is among the hundreds known and unknown of African Americans gunned down and killed by white police officers his horrific and tragic death is still one in its own.