WTVY NEWS Reporter of the Year Ken Henderson Curtis Hit With Sexual Harrassment Claim


In the wake of the sexual harrassment and assault claims against Fox News Right Wing Giant Media Personality and Host Bill O’Reily, which resulted in his Fall and Firing and as much as $13 million dollars paid out to women who have appeared on The O’Reily Factor and other Fox News shows and women who were employed by The Fox News Network, local citizens all around the world have began to take notice and to wonder about the working conditions of the adored women in their own home towns that work hard to present the news to the public.

In Dothan, AL (–a city located in Houston County of Alabama with a population of around sixty-eight thousand, not including surrounding towns–), WTVY News Channel 4, a little local station that chants & self-proclaims to be “Your Hometown News Leader”, has ended up on our radar as a result of reports that their poster child and 2016 Reporter of The Year, Ken “Henderson” Curtis, should have been tossed from the Journalism and Media Reporting industry long ago due to the exact explicit and disgusting behaviour seemingly that Bill O’Reily participated in; However, with ALABAMAFICATION at work across the Nation where we have a president in Don Trump who has also gotten away with abuse of women, it comes as no surprise to us that the corrupt system of the city of Dothan and the Board and executives along with the corrupt judges have protected Mr. Curtis (who changed his name from Ken Henderson) through it all and after years he is still active and enjoying his career while his victims have been forced to move on.

Ken Henderson Curtis Hit By County Commissioner Amos Newsome (Claw)

According to 1999 court documents, after just graduating college, a news reporter by the name of Amy Early became employed with WTVY’s sister station WDHN, where Ken Curtis “Henderson” was employed as the News Director at the time.

Documents show that Early, while under the supervision of Ken “Henderson” Curtis, was sexually harrased and put under pressure to perform extra duties whereas her male counterparts were not.  (See Entire Court Documents Below)

According to Early, there was a time that Ken “Henderson” Curtis made a pass at her and she informed him that she was not interested and reminded him that he was the same age as her parents.

Mrs. Early continues on in the court documents with more graphic details of the abuse she suffered at the hands of Ken “Henderson” Curtis. Ultimatley Mrs. Early ended up being fired, which she stated, was the result of “her refusual to secede to Henderson’s sexual advances” and because of her gender.

Millions are outraged at the neglect that Fox News took with its approach to women in the work place making claims against O’Reilly dating back to his first payout in 2002.

The claim against Ken “Henderson” Curtis dates back to 1999. It is now 2017 and most of the public is unaware of this unfair treatment that this former news reporter Amy Early faced.

We spoke with one concerned citizen who stated, “This is scary, to know that this took place right in my hometown. I am a regular viewer of this station and this is how I receive my news. I don’t understand how this type of behaviour is swept under the rug for so long and no one brings it to the forefront. There is no telling of the type of things he may have done since then because his actions to me seems to have been rewarded by the powers that be. He is still reporting the news. He needs to be fired! My mind is forever changed. As I see our female news reporters on TV I will begin to wonder about the type of neglect and conditions that they may be subjected to all because of their gender. ”

Women all across the world are beginning to speak out and speak up of unfair working conditions that they are subjected to.

The Phone number to WTVY is 334-792-3195. All United States and Global citizens should be concerned and should be demanding answers and calling for the Firing of Ken Curtis or his resignation just like BILL O’REILY.


What are your thoughts on this type of behaviour? Should women have to fear for themselves once they enter the doors at work? What is something that can be done to encourage more women to come forth about abuse that they have experienced or are currently experiencing? Sound off below.