Last April, 50 year-old Walter Scott was gunned down from behind and killed by former Charleston, South Carolina police officer Michael Slager. Slager pulled Scott over for a broken brake light that would ultimately lead to Scott being unjustly killed.


According to Slager he killed Walter Scott because he feared for his life but video surfaced, that was recorded by a bystander, that proved and indicated a different point.

Slager claimed he killed Scott because he reached for his gun but the video shows Walter Scott running away from the ex-officer with his back turned to him.

The video also shows Slager planting his Taser gun down beside Scott to try and add credibility to his story.

This week although video evidence shows and verifies that Scott posed no threat to Slager jurors still could not come to a unanimous verdict to convict Michael Slager.

Charges that were laid on the table for Slager were murder in the first degree and to make things a bit easier the judge also offered a lesser sentence of manslaughter.

Ex Officer Michael Slager Who Kill unarmed Walter Scott

Despite Scott being gunned down on camera and not posing a threat to ex-officer Slager he still walked free.

This past juror consisted of six white men, five white women, and one black man. According to jurors one of them had his mind set on not convicting Slager and he was not changing.

(Read of black judge standing up against all white jurors convicting black individuals.)

Americans all over began to tweet about the continuation of officers who kill unarmed black men and justice is never served.

One post stated. “Its very sad that the police continue to kill unarmed black men and walk free and to add insult to injury you watch one die on video right before your eyes and yet there is still not a conviction. The American justice system has failed us yet again and this is why we protest #blacklivesmatter. I truly do not believe that if this officer had been black and Walter Scott white that justice would not have been served on Monday.”

Walter Scotts attorney stated they will retry the case until justice is served.

What are your thoughts of Slager not being convicted and what do you think caused this juror who saw a man murdered on camera not convict him?