Judge Olu Stevens, of Louisville Ky., made national headline news for his ruling against using all-white jurors to convict black defendants.

Dr. Boyce Watkins stated,” I personally connect to the beliefs that the Judge has because I’ve seen too many of our people being sent to prison to be beaten, raped, and tortured after being convicted of juries that were not reflective of the communities from which they came.”

“Personally, I consider Judge Stevens to be an American hero and one of the greatest legal professionals in our nation’s history.  But Kentucky is known for destroying it’s heroes, particularly those who fight for racial justice. Even more interesting is that they’ve positioned well-paid black people to support the racist oppression of people of color.  It is truly, truly sick,” Dr. Watkins added.

On August 8, 2016 Judge Stevens is set to have a hearing with the Judicial Conduct Commission and is being charged with six counts of misconduct, that allegedly comes from social media post and the criticizing of Jefferson Commonwealth’s Attorney, Tim Wine on the issue of not diversifying the jury.

Dr. Stevens wife, Dr. Raymonda Stevens, took to social media to say,” The formal hearing against my husband Judge Olu Stevens will take place on this Monday, August 8 at 9:00am in the 10th floor Appellate Courtroom of the Jefferson County Judicial Center. It is open to the public. I would appreciate your support. And, if past is prologue, I need your support. ‪#‎Kentuckyjustice‬‪#‎ifyoucantfightthemessagedestroythemessenger‬

Mrs. Steven’s has received a lot of social media support since her post was made:

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If you are in the Kentucky area please clear your schedule to attend this hearing and let the justice system know that we have this Judges back.

What are your thoughts on Judge Olu Stevens and other black brothers and sisters that work in the justice system taking a stand against the race related issues inside that they witness first hand? Why is it that black Lawyers, Judges, etc. seem to be the ones always punished for pointing out racial issues in the system but their white counterparts that we clearly see having and committing racial favoritism are never addressed? Sound off below.