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The temperatures outside are hot and continue to rise. The last few years we have continuously heard or got the tragic news of another sweet baby dying after being left or forgotten inside of a vehicle. Reports say that on average at least 38 children die each year due to heat strokes after being trapped inside of a car.

Some of us can’t fathom the thought of leaving our little ones behind but the truth is parents from all walks of life have made this error– from pediatricians, doctors, lawyers, nurses, and so on. These type of happenings most of the time occur with a certain trend: when parents are not in a regular routine of being mindful that their child is with them and are not normally involved in care taking. “While most of these stories don’t occupy national headlines, the end results are the same. A life ending to soon,” says Deborah Hersman, president and CEO of the National Safety Council.

While the thought of leaving your child behind may not cross your mind below are a few tips to ensure that your little ones are never forgotten:

  1. Put something that belongs to you in the back seat. This will ensure that when you get ready to get out of your vehicle you will have to reach into your back seat to get your item and therefore you will be reminded that baby is there.
  2. Make it a routine to open the back door of your vehicle each time you get out. Regardless of who is riding with you, make it a habit to always open the back door to your car that way you’ll never forget to check your back seat whenever your baby is with you.

3. Place a child’s object in the front seat with you. No matter what type of children’s object it is place it in the front seat with you. This will help you to remember and help your brain to associate the object with your baby being in the back seat.

4. Be sure to ask your childcare provider to contact you if your child doesn’t arrive as scheduled. Often times children are left in cars because the person who is driving them isn’t familiar with routine or safety precautions. It is very important to make sure your child makes it where they are going, but also make sure to inform the person responsible on the dangers of a hot vehicle.

5. Keep keys and car remotes out of children’s reach. There have been cases where children have locked themselves inside of cars and died from being in there. It is important to keep keys out of reach at all times.

6. Make sure car doors are locked. There have been cases where children are outside playing and have wondered into unlocked cars and have been there for hours without parents knowing. Always locking your doors are a good way to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

7. Take your children with you. Making quick run into the store may seem like a great reason to leave your children in the car because you’ll only be gone for a minute. According to health professionals it doesn’t take long for the temperature inside of the car to go 30-40 degrees higher that what it is outside. Take them with you even if your only in the store for 1 minute it is very dangerous for them to be inside of a locked hot car.

8. See a child? Don’t think about it dial 911. If you are out and about and see that someone has locked their child inside of the car immediately dial 911. This could save a life.

Children’s bodies are not like adults. Their bodies do not regulate temperatures, and heat strokes can occur in a very short period of time.

This is a very serious matters so many children have suffered and died due to being left in hot cars in extremely hot weather. Don’t think about get your children out, don’t think about it dial 911. We have to stop this cycle.