A Facebook group, by the name of Non-Worldwide, is calling for black people to only spend money with black owned business on Friday.

According to sources Non-Worldwide is a group made of African diaspora.

Over the last two weeks America has been placed in a very sensitive state. With the unfortunate killings of two black men, named Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, by white police officers African Americans took to the streets to demand Justice. Freeways and highways were closed down by #blacklivesmatter protestors and hundreds were arrested.


Non-Worldwide stated in the event details that, “ We ask that you how your support of Black Lives by Exclusively sharing your resources with Black owned Businesses. This is a call to purchase from nowhere else but Black Owned Businesses on this Day. It is important both locally and globally that we show how much Black Lives Matter by supporting Black Lives with our Money. This is an important factor in terms of taking steps towards generational healing and cleansing as well as a redirection of resources. Let the store owners/employees know why you are specifically carrying out this mission on this exact day. Show them the image of the Event Flyer. Take Pride in your task. It is a powerful act of Justice that will never be forgotten. This is a Historical Worldwide Event. Plan your day accordingly. Thank You for your love, labor, and commitment to carrying out this devout act of Social Justice.”- NON

It is in history that once African Americans stopped spending with white owned business America did pay attention. The Bus Boycott is a prime example of the amount of power that the black community has if everyone joins together.

If you are going to take part in this event, sound off below as to why you are.